To be worthy of trust, it is our mission to educate, empower, and face life’s unknowns together. Fear is the absence of knowledge; we replace fear with knowledge and anxiety with confidence.


See the Norden Difference


How do you know you’re getting what’s best for you as opposed to what is best for the advisor? We are “product agnostic,” advisors without financial incentives from any companies or products. Your team will discover your needs, set goals based on your desired outcomes, and only recommend the best solutions for you—instead of just offering you what’s for sale.


Do you want a brain surgeon performing your heart surgery? You’ll find that our specialists work together to analyze your strategy and recommend success, keeping you in command. We do wealth advising WITH our clients, not FOR them. Whether you’re a young professional, already in retirement, or somewhere in-between, you’ll find team members who are experts in your situation.


How many chances do you get to retire? Every decision you make now affects your future. In your personal, once-in-a-lifetime journey, you’ll want the experience of those who’ve been there before you many times over. At Norden, we retire our clients weekly. Sit with us and take comfort in knowing that no matter how big your challenges may seem, others have conquered them. We can guide you to do the same.

Our Perspective on People

The Norden Group is proud of our industry expertise, but we are more proud of the deep and lasting relationships we have with our clients. We carefully selected each member of our team and we treat our client relationships the same. We seek partnership and that comes through transparency, trust, and action.

You are the reason we come to work every day.

The Norden Group works one on one with clients to build plans for the future, replacing fear with knowledge and anxiety with confidence. No matter what you have been through, a proper plan can defeat your past and build a more secure future. Within our walls, you can expect personal attention from a team of qualified advisors.


You can expect transparency as these advisors keep you informed and give you sole decision power. You can expect them to be there when the unthinkable happens and to celebrate your victories like their own. It’s about time you were able to trust an advisor again. Let us show you how.